About SRM Institute of Science and Technology

SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) is one of the top ranking Universities and most premier engineering destinations in India, which was established in 1985 by the Founder Chancellor, Dr. T.R. Paarivendhar, SRM Institute of Science and Technology and now it is functioning in five campuses located at Kattankulathur, Vadapalani and Ramapuram in Tamil Nadu , the fourth campus at Modi Nagar, Ghaziabad and the fifth campus at Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh with over 38,000 students and 2,600 facultymembers.

Essentially a hub of bustling student activities, the green and beautiful campus has been a second-home to thousands of students in their journey to pursue higher education. The Institution has moved up through international alliances and collaborative initiatives to achieve global excellence. SRM Institute of Science and Technology's International Advisory Board (IAB) is actively involved in building a stronger international dimension in research and teaching methodology, which creates avenues for research and successful careers. The SRM Institute of Science and Technology also collaborates with foreign Universities like MIT, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburg University etc. offering a postgraduate academic program MSIT-ESE. Over 150 students sponsored to 35 foreign Universities like MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Davis, Warwick and Western Australia.


Vadapalani Campus of SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) is located in a sprawling campus of more than 5 acres and located at the heart of the metropolitan city of Chennai. It is well connected by road, rail and air. Apart from the public transport, college buses are also available for transporting the staff and students from various places of the city. The campus hosts well planned Academic blocks, computer centre, lecture halls, library, laboratories, conference hall, hostel and Canteen. Campus is enabled with Wi Fi facility. All class rooms are equipped with centralized Air conditioning, LCD projectors, ergonomic designed sitting tables for students. Campus has the corporate ambiance. All the laboratories are equipped to meet the standards of engineering education which will definitely kindle innovation and research in the young minds leading to all round development.


To emerge as a World - Class University in creating and disseminating knowledge, and providing students a unique learning experience in science, technology, medicine, management and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the world and betterment of mankind.


  • MOVE UP through international alliances and collaborative initiatives to achieve global excellence.
  • ACCOMPLISH A PROCESS to advance knowledge in a rigorous academic and research environment.
  • ATTRACT AND BUILD PEOPLE in a rewarding and inspiring environment by fostering freedom, empowerment, creativity and innovation.

Research at SRM

SRM is committed to creation of knowledge through research across all academic disciplines. Focus areas include Nanotechnology, Bio engineering, Info, Energy, Environment, Materials and Embedded systems. Joint research project on rural healthcare, in collaboration with Queen's University, Canada.

Research Institute

SRM Research Institute, a Unit of the university, has been established to catalyze proactive applied research to help solve industry's technical problems and is positioned to address and contribute to the market and society needs. It focuses on four domains - Education to research, and develop tools and techniques to address the needs of a university, faculty members, students, and prospective students, Wireless Healthcare to research and propose solutions in the area of Telemedicine, Multimedia for comprehensive and supportive audio, video, and text processing, and Next Generation Networks.

About the Department

The department balances the practical and theoretical aspects of computer science and provides students with a background for professional employment or further study in discipline. The department provides both comprehensive foundation and the specialized skills to seek out creative solutions in a fast-paced technological age.

Department Vision

To offer up to date and flexible programs that will enable our graduates to be competitive in the job market. We strive to provide a hands-on approach in teaching computer related courses. And to this end, we are increasing the capacity of our computer laboratories as well as equipping them with the latest in hardware and software.

Department Mission

To provide outstanding education and research training to our students - for productive careers in industry, academia, and the government. We strive for excellence in research, teaching and service, covering the fundamental as well as applied aspects of computer science. Our efforts include

  • Establishing nationally and internationally recognized research programs, including those of interdisciplinary nature.
  • Helping our students to develop the skills involved in solving complex technological problems of modern society.
  • Providing a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.

At SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), the teaching environment is one that emphasizes depth, originality and critical thinking. The department also promotes innovative research and education programs in core computer science as well as multidisciplinary application areas. Upon graduation, our students will be able to perform research in all branches of the computing field.